Less Than A Week

It hit really hard last night that at this time next week, I will be at home surrounded by all the things needing to be unpacked and brushing off the last bits of college. I held my last TA event yesterday.  I brought some games and a bunch of movies based off books to provide […]


Final Stretch

I was severely sick most of November, so my posts fell to the light side.  I had a lower respiratory infection that teetered on the questionable side of pneumonia (according to the doctor anyway).  I slept through most of November and never seemed to be able to shake it.  I’m finally healthy with a lingering […]


How to Print Comments in Word

If you have Dr. Pennington as a professor, you need to know how to do this.  The only way to revise papers is by providing track changes and comments in word.  Without them, the revision will not be accepted. How to Print Comments from Word Download your Google doc as a Word File Enable editing […]

Reality is Kicking In

Reality is kicking in.  Hard.  I have less than a month of college left. Holy crap. It really hit home the day after halloween.  I’ve been sooo busy lately that I didn’t carve my pumpkins yet.  And then I was looking at my calendar for some reason and bam.  Time is dwindling down. Am I […]


Busy Busy

I’ve been a little quiet of late.  With running four clubs, holding 3 jobs and an internship, whilst preparing to graduate, my time has left very little room for the important things.  But I make time, because it is necessary to sleep, see family, and my roommates. What has happened in the past month? I […]


A Little Coding

I learned that I might have an interest in coding. As I was working at the Tech Bar, someone came in with a question I didn’t know how to answer.  How do you change the little script at the bottom of a page from “Old Posts” and “New Posts” to “Next” and “Previous”? I took […]


I finally consulted a student! Last semester when I first started, no one ever came during my time for a consultation.  I don’t know if most people were in class for my two hour shift or didn’t want tot get out of bed.  With no one to help, I mostly worked on setting up my […]


And so it begins

Overview of First Week First day of school was reminiscent of my freshman year at St. Norbert College.  Three years ago on my eighteenth birthday, I moved to campus, nervous but excited to start my college journey.  On my twenty-first birthday, my last semester of college began.  The fireworks were better this year than any […]


I am published!

Recently, I was accepted in Z Publishing’s Wisconsin’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction.  In 2017, I went to the Sigma Tau Delta convention and received an award for a short story I wrote called “Seeing Through Touch”.  The story centered around a little girl spending an evening with her blind great aunt.  This is one of […]