Shadow Insight

I went out into the world Thinking I would find myself Instead I discovered shadows Some context: I found myself thinking this as I walked back to my townhouse.  I just finished a shift at the cafeteria and was in a normal mood.  The shift had been slow, typical for a Sunday night.  It was […]

Mistakes Have Been Made

Mistakes have been made. That’s pretty much a no-brainer when you’re human.  Whether it’s staying up until sunrise doing homework or watching a whole season of a show on Netflix in one sitting, these things happen.  We live and we learn from them.  Sometimes, they are even necessary to remind us that we are not […]

Beginning the End

If my site name hasn’t clued you in on what this might be about, here is the plan.  This will be a blog for me to reflect on my last year of college.  So far, I am planning on graduating in December if everything goes alright.  I will be out of college a semester early […]