I’ve been a little quiet of late.  With running four clubs, holding 3 jobs and an internship, whilst preparing to graduate, my time has left very little room for the important things.  But I make time, because it is necessary to sleep, see family, and my roommates.

What has happened in the past month?

I had fall break in the beginning of October to catch up with family and hang out with my little sister.  It was her first homecoming, so I turned down going camping with my roommate to make sure my little sister was ready and happy.  I cuddled with my kittens (who are too adorable) and went and saw a movie called The House with a Clock in Its Walls with my family.  The movie was good, a little spookier than I thought it would be for a kid movie, but I liked it.  Quirky but homely movies are kind of my thing.

While home, I went to a high school football game, which I have not done since I was there way back in the fall of 2014.  So weird to think about, but it felt like I never left.  The atmosphere was the same, but I did not recognize any of the faces.  The band no longer does their program all en masse, which is sad, but I understand it is hard to prepare the Freshman fast enough.  The band did well and made me so nostalgic.  I wish I could have kept my uniform.

As I made time for family over fall break, I also had to work on homework and internships, so it was not really a break, but at least I kind of got to sleep in–a full thirty minutes!

My internship is going well.  The client I talk to is so positive.  I enjoy talking to her and putting together her manuscript.  There’s a lot I have to sort through, but I am having fun as I do it.  If you don’t enjoy what you do, why do it, right?

And with my clubs, I’ve been running amok on campus.


I ran around to most of the chalk boards on campus and wrote a little ad for submitting to Graphos.  The due date was the 15th.  As always, it seemed really light until the day of deadline.  Then they all flooded in.  I had to contact a few with formatting issues with a time restraint on when they can resend them in before we automatically reject it, but so far the journal seems in good shape.

We are also in the process of getting a digital platform for the whole journal versus having a small tumblr age that fell into a forgotten abyss.  The bigger work load I had was in ensuring that I had a successor for next semester once I graduate.  I really hope that the new duo will be able to thrive next semester.  I would hate to see Graphos languish.

Sigma Tau Delta:

My people are dragging their feet, but now they are highly motivated.  I have been an emailing machine, contacting new eligible members, poking and prodding them for their interest, organizing what we want to do this semester, putting together a service project, and explaining and advertising the upcoming spring convention.  Many members are interested in going, but not sure about submitting.  I highly stressed that they should at least try to submit something because the experience is far richer with it.  I think at least 6 people are honestly planning on submitting with a few more somewhat contemplating it.  We’ll see.  I also have to find someone willing to take over for this club as well, but again, people cower from the responsibility.

Omicron Delta Kappa:

I haven’t done much with ODK.  I tried to get some things moving, but people seem disinterested.  Everyone in the club is so busy running their own organizations, they forget that they committed to this honor society.  I am meeting barrier after barrier of prodding people to do anything.

We did have induction of the new members which was cringey but ok.  I read my script and didn’t butcher too many names.  Some of my eboard were not the happiest to help read from the script, but I reminded them that they agreed to take on more responsibility.  Sometimes people amaze me in how lazy they can be.

Knitting Knights:

I never worry too much about this club.  There are always a few people who are interested.  We still are teaching a number of new people on how to knit.  Now we just need to train them so they can accomplish a scarf.  Our service project this year is to knit and donate scarves to a nearby high school with students in need of them.  It’s different than our normal project, but nice.  Scarves are simple to make as well.

That about covers it

I think that’s the gist of my month.  Stay tuned for any exciting updates.


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