Spring Break occurred from March 10th to March 18th.  I packed my homework, telling myself I would get ahead and be productive.  I am missing school from March 21st to the 25th, so I planned to be ahead so I wouldn’t fall behind.  Despite good intentions, my break was not as productive as I had expected.

Is anyone shocked that this did not happen?

Something about going home always puts me in a nostalgic, sort of complacent feel.  I didn’t bum around at all, but at the same time, I definitely was not on top of things.  To be fair, I did finish a paper over break.  It’s no prize winner, and I actually plan on revising it whenever my professor returns them, but at least I completed it.

The most important part about break, though, is spending time with family.  I definitely accomplished that.  My little sister turned 14 on March 12, so I spoiled her by taking her to school with a coffee and later a movie and quality sister time.  I hung out with my older sister throughout break and my mom.  We rented movies (Murder on the Orient Express, The Shape of Water, The Dark Tower, and The Hitman’s Bodyguard), I bought Thor: Ragnorak, and we played card games, or I helped my sisters out with their homework.  I knitted a hat and scarf for a friend and lounged with my cats.

It may not have been the most eventful break, but it was exactly what I needed.  Maybe I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked, but I made sure to be a part of my family.  I may not live far from them, but I still don’t see them enough. It is better to build long lasting memories with family and show you’re invested in them rather than get ahead on things that do not matter in the long run.


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