Alright, I may have slacked off on posting lately.  I actually dreamt that I was keeping up with my posts, so I blame my overactive imagination for not posting in the last two weeks. But, as happens when you are a busy senior, things come up, and I have to prioritize.

So a lot has happened.

I believe my last post was about my Sigma Tau Delta convention, so let me catch you up about Easter and Spring Fling.

Easter Break

After the convention was Easter break, so that short week was spent counting down the days to going home and then enjoying family time.  Nothing really eventful happened other than your typical awkward family chats.

Because I am forever a child at heart, my mom still had us search for our Easter baskets.  I received candy, which is always good for my sweet tooth, and an awesome little robot toy from the new Star Wars movie called a Porg.  It makes the noises, is soft to the touch, and moves.  The eyes pierce your soul.  I absolutely adore it.

Spring Fling

After Easter, though, was a busy week for me that was over piled with events and homework.  Spring Fling, or the new Homecoming week for Greek and Independent Social Groups at St. Norbert, took place from April 3 to April 7.  I was head Spring Fling chair and received the weight of ensuring my social group, the Electric Company, was prepared for the events.  We did fairly well and actually received the Spirit Award!

I love the Electric Company, but they are awful about herding together for meetings and attending things, so boss-Natasha stepped out this week.  I messaged, emailed, and posted on Facebook each day about what event was taking place and reminded the girls to remind each other.  If I saw any of my group members, I asked in a friendly, bubbly tone, “Hey!  You going to [whatever it is] tonight?”

This year’s Spring Fling theme resolved around TV Channels.  The Electric Company chose the Logo Channel with a focus on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  We are a group that believes in welcoming everyone and loving people for who they are no matter what.  The school held a bunch of different events to allow us to show off and compete our theme against the other groups.

Scream Your Theme:

April 3 was Scream Your Theme, which actually turned out less like a mess than I thought.  Because I was gone at a convention the week prior and the girls were busy with inish activities, we did not practice until the morning of Scream Your Theme.  We tried to meet up earlier in the month, but again, my girls do not have a good track record of showing up to things.  We are the group known for procrastinating.  But I love them anyway.

So Scream Your Theme goes like this: write a chant that you will not sing and create dance moves with it (but again, you cannot sing–it makes no sense to me).  If you sing, a million points are docked from your overall Spring Fling score, so don’t sing.  The chant has to encompass your channel theme as well as St. Norbert’s ideas of communio and/or radical hospitality.  Honestly, it’s a lot like mimicking cheer-leaders.

I wrote the chant way back in February and shared it with everyone to look over.  When we got closer to the event, I even recorded myself saying the chant in hopes that people would look at it.

Many didn’t, but we improvised the day of.

On the morning of Spring Fling, we met, did the chant in unison, and quickly threw together dance moves into it.  I actually was not aware of the need for dance moves until the night  before, so I asked the girls doing Scream Your Theme what they wanted to do.  We meshed something together and called it a day.

Because no one memorized the chant, we were the only group to bring paper up on stage to perform.  It was a little cringey, but we did not receive last place.  We had passion and fun doing the chant, though, so that’s all that matters.

A group lost points for singing, and four other groups didn’t even show up, so that helped our placement in rating.

If interested, here is the EC Chant I wrote.  I am more of a poet than a lyricist, so forgive me.


Volleyball took place on April 4.  This event was surprisingly short as all the female social groups/sororities competed against each other while the fraternities/guy groups did simultaneously.  The range of effort varied, but it was fun watching.

The Electric Company lost both of its games, but it was fun.  I stressed my ankle since I am not physically endowed, but I enjoyed hanging with my girls.  The point is to bond and have a good time, not to win.  I think we achieved it.


Aside from Airbands, this was probably the most intense of the events.  I rushed from my evening class to watch the remainder of Tug-of-War since it started at 7 and I didn’t get out of class until 7:15.

The male groups tried way too hard, but it was entertaining.

The Electric Company won it’s first of three rounds, but lost the other two.  I actually ran out and helped with the third round, but we were freaking dragged with that one.  There was hardly any traction on the gym floor to anchor ourselves and the girl group in front of us was determined to win.  As always, EC only wanted to enjoy ourselves, so the other girl group ended up being victorious.  CCHams is crazy.

Awards Banquet

The Electric Company didn’t actually participate in this event, because no one wanted to cough up the cash or meal dollars to go.


The final event, Airbands took place Sunday night.  We actually tried for this event, though we were aware we were most likely going to be disqualified.  We practiced for a week and a half and were pretty confident in our performance.

Seven of us, including me, put together a dance/lip sync interpretation of our theme.  My co-chair and I put together a CD with six songs mashed together to stay under four minutes.  Then three people had solos while two couples danced to two different songs.  Some of the dances were a little more sexual than school would have liked, but it was what it was. I wore a white dress and a fluffy unicorn sweater with my hair up in pig tails to look innocent and be their sort of sacrifice on stage.  During our final song, they lifted me up and carried me across stage.

It was a freaking blast.

I don’t have a video, but we all enjoyed ourselves and were ecstatic to take the Spirit Award for most passion and leadership efforts home. We were surprised and proud.

I love EC.


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