I was severely sick most of November, so my posts fell to the light side.  I had a lower respiratory infection that teetered on the questionable side of pneumonia (according to the doctor anyway).  I slept through most of November and never seemed to be able to shake it.  I’m finally healthy with a lingering cough–just in time for my last week of classes.

People have been making me cry.  I started taking down my decorations and sent my dad home with all of my big items, like shelving units, my mini fridge, bike, and a box of glasses that I wasn’t using, plus some other random stuff I just wanted to get out of the house.  It’s sinking in that I am about to be done.  My roommates and I all have mixed feelings.  We’re happy, we’re sad, and we don’t know the best way to express it other than jokes about how they’re going to decorate my side of the room when I finally leave.  Harsh.

At my last Electric Company meeting, my family line surprised me with a gift and a sweet, sweet card.  I teared up and gave them all a hug.  I’m going to miss my eclectic group of girls, but I will try to make it to a meeting once in a blue moon.

My last Knitting Knights meeting was bittersweet as we made sure to take a group shot of just seniors.  I will probably still help knit things for donations to boost numbers and because I like to knit.

Worst of all was putting together the last edition of Graphos.  I sat with my co-head editor, who is also graduating in December, and tried to reflect on what we wanted to write about.  It was tough because we didn’t want to be too sappy but we also wanted to say farewell.  It took us four hours to write a 5.5 x 8.5 page.  Usually it would take us maybe an hour and that was because we always wandered off topic and had to refocus.

But that is just the reality of my situation.  The lasts will continue, and my leaving will sink deeper and deeper into my realization.  I know I am going to blubber like a baby when I turn in my key to my house.  But I also know that I am ready for post-grad life.  I will miss my college life, but I felt like I grew out of it at the start of the semester.  Now I just have to hunker down and make it through my last essays and exams.  One week left.

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