I learned that I might have an interest in coding.

As I was working at the Tech Bar, someone came in with a question I didn’t know how to answer.  How do you change the little script at the bottom of a page from “Old Posts” and “New Posts” to “Next” and “Previous”?

I took a quick look at the WordPress theme.  Not finding a way to change it easy, I started perusing the web.  I read a few forums, what the creators of the theme had to say, and then at other articles.  The consensus was it fell to a coding alteration.

I don’t know how to code.  I wanted to help though, so I started researching how to do it.  If it was simple enough, I suspected I could figure it out.

On one of my testing site, I changed the theme to the person’s theme and began looking over the theme CSS.  I pulled up article recommendations and started playing around.

It actually turned out to be a quick fix.  I went into the editor tab of “Appearance”, selected “Theme Functions”, and looked up where “Old Posts” showed up.  Once I found  “Old Posts”, I deleted it and replaced it with “Previous”.  I repeated the same tweaking with “New Posts”.  At the bottom of the page, they both showed up like they were supposed to.

Not gonna lie, I pumped my fists in victory once I saw it show up properly.  It may not have been the most advanced task ever, but I was proud that I figured out how to do it.  Coding seemed so complicated with all the <> and words that look like gibberish.

But it also seems interesting.  After I figured that out, I asked for recommendations on how to learn basic coding.  I enjoy learning new things.  Now in my spare time, I have been doing classes on Codecademy and looking up the W3 School.  So far, I enjoy what I have done.  Now to see what I can all learn.

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