I finally consulted a student!

Last semester when I first started, no one ever came during my time for a consultation.  I don’t know if most people were in class for my two hour shift or didn’t want tot get out of bed.  With no one to help, I mostly worked on setting up my domain.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since I did get so much time to play with it, but at our meetings when we would discuss how our consultations were, I had nothing to add.  It was kind of a bummer.

I helped my roommates and friends with technological issues, like how to convert a Google document to Word, but it wasn’t the same.  Even when I am home, I help my parents and sisters with some small tech issues or with setting up devices.  The last time I went home I downloaded a trail camera app to my dad’s phone.

But I can finally say I helped a student besides my friends.

Two students came in the other day to set up their subdomains for class.  I sat in between them and directed them.  I would alternate looking at their screens to make sure they were on the right page as I explained what a domain, or technically what a subdomain, was and what they could do with it.

A domain is a piece of the internet that you can create.  Whatever you want to do with this is entirely up to you.  I made a portfolio site.  That’s pretty typical.  Others have made blogging sites or sites to house videos and other such things.

A subdomain is a piece branching off the domain but that still has similar abilities as a domain–it just connects to the home domain.  If you look at this site, the url is lastminutemusings.iglnat.com, meaning that this site is a subdomain to my main domain, iglnat.com.  Say that three times fast.

Since they came in knowing what they wanted to call their subdomain, I helped them login to the SNC domain page to request their subdomain and plugin the name.  I then directed them to the CPanel dashboard and briefly explained what it was.  Then I walked them through installing WordPress onto their site and becoming acquainted with its functions.

They were apprehensive at first and told me how they weren’t “techy” but they quickly saw it wasn’t as hard as they thought.  They spent a half an hour hanging out at the tech bar  in case they needed help as they played with the themes.  It was enjoyable.


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  1. Awesome! I was there while you were helping them. You kinda rocked it! Just say’n. Here’s to hoping that the business at the Tech Bar picks up and we get more of these kind of experiences.

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