It hit really hard last night that at this time next week, I will be at home surrounded by all the things needing to be unpacked and brushing off the last bits of college.

I held my last TA event yesterday.  I brought some games and a bunch of movies based off books to provide people a break from final semester stress.  We ended up watching Phantom of the Opera with Gerard Butler and Love, Simon.  We chatted and laughed at cringey moments in the films, pointing out discrepancies from the production of book to screen.

And then someone said, “Just think, next week you’ll be home at this time!”

And I was done.

I don’t really have too many finals for next week.  Two of my classes do not have finals of any kind.  Then I have one in class final and one essay final to turn in during the allotted time.  Crazy to think I’m wrapping everything up so soon.

When I returned to my townhouse, I looked at all of my trinkets, clothes, and mementoes, and thought, “Well crap.  I have a lot of packing to do yet.”

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